Allow your mind to wander through the gates of seduction. Let the tempting aroma of your favourite memories seep into your soul. And dip yourself into the poetic art of perfumery. Let it caress your senses and narrate a fragrant story. Let it bring back a moment that warms up your heart. Let it infuse its scented sweetness into your very personality. Let it become one with you, allowing you to leave behind a trail of yourself. Just so that your followers stop, sigh and take a deep breath of appreciation, following the fragrance and finding its source. Little do they know that each one of your legendary perfumes adorn the house of SCENTIDO—a bespoke boutique perfumery that has made a luxurious home at Fort, Mumbai. This is the door you knock upon every time you set out to explore the art of perfumes. From France to New York, Italy to London, these fragrances charm you into becoming a connoisseur.

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Mr. Shishir Mehta

He was on the lookout for something exclusive. A scent that permeated through the air and settled in his heart. Scourging through Europe, navigating through the United States of America and meandering through the by-lanes of United Kingdom, Mr. Shishir Mehta set out on a mystic journey reaching out to perfumeries around the world. He sparked his passion and let it burn brighter with every passing day. At first, he scratched the surface and indulged in the fragrances at luxury stores like Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales. But the scented trail lead him off the beaten path to explore niche perfume brands tucked away in compact boutique stores. This is when his love affair with rare perfumes strengthened its roots. A thought began to germinate within his mind. What started off as a pursuit of leisure, slowly evolved into a concrete vision.

Starting with Tom Ford Oud Wood, Mr. Shishir Mehta handpicked the rarest of the rare perfumes from the world over. He fuelled his burning passion as his scented treasures mounted. Only to realise that the experience of acquiring niche perfumes was dormant in India. He reached out into the world of niche perfumery, delved into its history, learned about the little-known sciences and set the foundation for a blossoming new category in the country. The business plan was finally set for a brand that curated bespoke and complex scents. One that has come to be known as SCENTIDO—India’s premiere experiential boutique perfumery. This is where Mr. Mehta has put his prestigious findings onto a pedestal. His observations revealed that designer perfumes with fruity and floral base notes were slowly on the decline. It was time for change—for something more complex that weighed on the consumers senses. And thanks to a decade of his incessant efforts and insurmountable passion: Mumbai got set to house some of the finest niche fragrances from around the world—all under one roof.