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Every bottle is unique, filled with an essence that suits its wearer.
It’s nothing like anything you’ve sensed before, giving its wearer a scented experience that juxtaposes with his unique personality.

Walk into our boutiques, and be transported to a long-lost world – a time when distinct scents were procured and produced using age-old methods to suit individual tastes, instead of mass producing them for all to sport.

Every SCENTIDO store reflects a thoughtful collusion of old European stores and English perfume houses of yore, suffused with a touch of contemporary glamour.

The wooden details, the stained glass, the royal chandeliers and Victorian tiles effortlessly take you back in time to the world of Art Deco. Each space is lovingly, thoughtfully and painstakingly set up to ensconce you in a multi-sensorial wonderland!

Step into our boutiques at Fort, Mumbai; Khan Market, New Delhi, and Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and luxuriate in the art of perfumes like never before!

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