Breakfast Highlands
Breakfast Highlands

Breakfast Highlands

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A fortifying meal among rolling heather hills, peaceful lochs, and pure highland air. Dayawan’a fool cooked brekfist?

Breakfast Highlands is inspired by the perfumer David's to the highlands of Scotland. There were too many things that he loved about it, but one definite highlight was the breakfasts. Old preserved castles and manor houses with epic tables of polished silverware. Plates full of oatcakes, eggs, smoked things, fishes, potato scones, toast. Pots of jams, handmade marmalades of slivered peels from oranges, lime, and grapefruit. Drinking piping pots of hot tea while overlooking the craggy peaks of the Cairngorms, the rolling heather hills of Spey, of the sea lochs.

Here is that meal to fill your nose and mind.




200 g


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