Extrait de Parfum
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Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Cumin, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: Cambodian Oud, Saffron, Rum

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Timbersilk, Java Vetiver, Cedar, Cashmeran, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Extrait de Parfum


Propelled by the significance of the Angkor human advancement, this nectar, bearing the name of the "Lord of Birds", is an impeccable portrayal of the absolutely splendid site. Garuda is a protective divinity, portrayed as part man and part bird in Kmer mythology. He is usually shown as the battle steed of Vishnu, bearing the god on his shoulders, and simultaneously fighting against the god's enemies. At sunset, the deity’s carvings in the temples of Angkor Wat are plunged into a sea of golden rays. The entire composition of this scent was built around gold, with its two facets, so opposed, but yet so complimentary: the cold aspect of the metal is represented here by the fruit and spice combination, especially the pink pepper, in opposition, but in perfect harmony, with the saffron and its warmth, the whole sustained by an exquisite and dominant accord of Cambodian oud.

QUANTITY : 50 ml

Extrait de Parfum


GENDER : Masculine

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