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I Don't Know What

Eau de Parfum
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Eau de Parfum


A fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance that gives any perfume a certain, as the French say, “I don’t know what.”
Among the first things aspiring perfumers learn is that the most important ingredients in the construction of a scent are the invisible ones - the aromachemicals and extremely subtle naturals that don't stand out to the nose, but nevertheless add crucial space, depth and structure to the fragrance.
Even the finest floral extracts or precious woods depend on this structure to avoid feeling flattened-out, condensed or overpowering, but to the casual fragrance fan, the contributions of these delicate "spacing" notes goes completely unappreciated - until now.
I Don't Know What is a minimalist scent in the compelling tradition of Escentric Molecules, able to be worn alone as a sheer, ethereal hint of citrus, musks and woods, but designed to layer beneath any scent you can imagine - fragrance oils, other perfumes, a favorite extract- boosting power, adding radiance, and generally enhancing absolutely anything it touches. We should all be so lucky!

QUANTITY : 50 ml

Eau de Parfum


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