Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Frankincense, Nutmeg, Angelica

Heart Notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cistus, Cedar, Incense

Base Notes: Myrrh, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, tincture of natural Ambergris

Eau de Parfum


An ode to the Italian tradition of the Opera, Masque Milano tells an olfactory story with a dynamic repertoire of fragrances that bring to life a myriad of emotions. Each Act, an interpretation of the different facets of life.

ACT II - The act of "inner monologues", reflecting one's abstract, spiritual moods.

Mandala is an old Sanskrit word for circle that, in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, has come to mean a feeling of completeness. When Tibetan monks make a mandala offering, they are offering up the universe in a microcosm to Buddha. It is amazing to listen to monks performing “overtone singing” – vibrating at two levels at the same time.
Mandala is an attempt at conveying the same meditative, trance-like feeling. Thus, it follows that the fragrance offers up the gift of every precious material that monks possess to the Gods – frankincense, myrrh, ambergris, and precious spices.  If Luci ed Ombre was the fragrance representing the undecidedness between light and shadow, Mandala sings two notes at the same time. The scent opens with the dark, coca cola-esque effervescence of ebony woods, frankincense & myrrh (the two most prominent notes of this composition), immediately flooding the soul with a sense of reverence and peace. At once exotic and atmospheric, one can almost feel cool stone at one’s back and hear the low chant of the monks. But despite the rich density of resin and spice, the scent feels weightless and airy. The peppery incense floats over a cool, soapy canopy of cardamom and angelica, which parts to reveal not a church ceiling but the open night sky. A trace of saline moss and ambergris in the base steadies the resins and spices, fixing them in a verdant earthiness that feels solid, grounded. Mandala is Eastern Zen in a bottle - light and delicate, offering a contemplative atmosphere.

QUANTITY : 35 ml

Eau de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Spicy, Resinous

GENDER : Masculine

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