Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Fresh ginger oil LMR, Rhubarb

Heart Notes: Vetiver heart LMR

Base Notes: Haitian Vetiver oil LMR, Javan Vetiver oil Molecular Distillation LMR, Cedar wood oil, Patchouli oil Molecular Distillation LMR, Leather

Eau de Parfum


An ode to the Italian tradition of the Opera, Masque Milano tells an olfactory story with a dynamic repertoire of fragrances that bring to life a myriad of emotions. Each Act, an interpretation of the different facets of life.

ACT II - The act of "inner monologues", reflecting one's abstract, spiritual moods.

Hemingway is an ode to a raw material – vetiver – adored by Ricardo and Alessandro, and to a writer which inspired both the founders – Ernest Hemingway.
The rough and spicy, earthy and sweet, rich and complex facets of the ingredient in the scent reflect the genius of Hemingway's prose - where short sentences, straight to the point, were actually pointing at a very deep meaning. The end result is a sweepingly literary tribute to vetiver built from an exquisite vocabulary: woody, dry and spicy Haitian vetiver, with a slight bitterness. This provides an ideal contrast for the tart rhubarb at the opening. Javan vetiver is dirtier, with smoky tones and leathery facets to blend with the patchouli and leather base. Vetiver Heart LMR isolates the clean, dry heart of the grassy material without the earthiness, anchors the heart of the fragrance.
A short ingredient list however does not mean that this fragrance is simple. On the contrary: exactly like the prose of Hemingway the scent is minimalist in the notes yet very complex in the evolution, particularly on the skin.

QUANTITY : 35 ml

Eau de Parfum


GENDER : Unisex

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