Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Italian bergamot, Moroccan neroli, Champagne accord

Heart Notes: Italian Iris absolute, Italian Iris Root Butter, French Iris Root Butter, Tuberose absolute, Madagascan Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Mysore Sandalwood, Oak moss, Leather accord

Eau de Parfum


An ode to the Italian tradition of the Opera, Masque Milano tells an olfactory story with a dynamic repertoire of fragrances that bring to life a myriad of emotions. Each Act, an interpretation of the different facets of life.

ACT III - The act of Sentimental Relationships, addressing three pivotal moments in one. 

The third Act begins with the 'Lover's Wait' - L'Attesa.
It is the act of bringing together that perfect setting for your lover. The soft lighting toying with the equally lilting music. The warm summer breeze heightens the scent of the freshly plucked flowers kept on the tea-table, flooding the room with a cocktail of smells and a bright colour palette. The champagne, with the unmistakable fragrance of its yeast, is kept ready.
This is when you take a look around and enjoy the moment - the perfection in every detail evident. Awaiting your lover, you smile, wishing moments like these never end.

A celebration of one of the most luxurious materials in the perfume world, L'Attesa explores iris and its many facets with opulence. Using three types of precious iris, the star note is as creamy as buttered suede and as plush as thick, silvered velvet, but also immensely floral in a way that is quite remarkable.

One of the best iris fragrances to have come out in years, L'Attesa opens with buttery iris drenched in sparkling champagne that bears an original, inventive touch of yeast before the fragrance transitions into a sophisticated, clean, green floral that is enveloped with refreshingly crisp bergamot, green neroli, and a plush, mossy duet of oakmoss and tuberose. In its heart phase, the voluptuously creamy, floral iris is partnered with genuine Mysore sandalwood, then with supple, smoky leather in a breathtakingly sophisticated, unisex blend that lasts for hours before finally finishing as clean floral softness.

QUANTITY : 35 ml

Eau de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Powdery, Floral

GENDER : Unisex

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