Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Artemisia, Orange Blossom, Angelica

Heart Notes: French Narcissus Absolute, Violet Leaves, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber Accord, Myrrh

Eau de Parfum


An ode to the Italian tradition of the Opera, Masque Milano tells an olfactory story with a dynamic repertoire of fragrances that bring to life a myriad of emotions. Each Act, an interpretation of the different facets of life.

ACT III - The act of Sentimental Relationships, addressing three pivotal moments in one. 

Romanza pays homage to that moment just before you fall in love, and to the very dualistic Narcissus flower, inspired by the decadence and languid toxicity of Oscar Wilde’s controversial prose in 'The Picture of Dorian Grey', the bottle redolent with Victorian Embroidery.
In the novel, Oscar Wilde refers to Dorian as a Narcissus, the perfect flower to interpret the scene with the dualism of a person itself. Dorian Grey - he is a dandy, a real man, and he is rather frivolous and absolutely controversial. Romanza celebrates the contradictions of decadence, the perverse Victorian standards of outwardly maintaining moral order at all costs whilst in many, dark, swirling, hypocritical cases living lives of darkness, ragged morality and chance.

Clouds of translucent flowers shimmer radiantly as they take turns dancing gracefully with the refreshing bitterness of herbal absinthe. Delicate orange blossoms laced with a neroli brightness hug a masculine absinthe in a romantic embrace before narcissus steps in, ushering in a new landscape redolent of hay and the freshness of spring. Dark vetiver, delicate violet leaves, aromatic cedar, clean jasmine, and a hint of musky civet quickly follow suit, swirling with the dry narcissus, the green orange blossoms, and the herbal, woody absinthe to create an evocative kaleidoscope that will sweep you away with its intoxicating crispness, romantic tenderness, and sophistication.

Romanza is a wispy, shimmery, sexy narcissus that walks the line between white lace innocence and dirty stable.



QUANTITY : 35 ml

Eau de Parfum


GENDER : Unisex

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