Laudano Nero

Laudano Nero

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Extrait de Parfum


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Tiziana Terenzi collection has always taken inspiration from travel, from emotions shared around a fire and from life experience, all of which is
contained in the collection. It represents that specific period in life when beauty entertains the soul and a moment becomes eternal.
In the collection that they like to call “classic” because it was the first one that Tiziana created, there are two animated souls that are simultaneously contrasting and complementary. The first is a shiny, radiant gold captured in a gold bottle, and the second is a pensive, introspective black housed in a monolithic black bottle. The most bohemian stop on this unforgettable journey is the mythical Paris during a rainy autumn day, but warm with winding watercolours, blended as in painting by Renoir.
The smell of the rain beating on the slate roof mixes with the stone streets lit by dim lights.
A small fire at a crossroads of Montmartre heats musicians and acrobats that await tourists
after the rain.

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