Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Mandarin, Velvety Fruits, Pink Peppercorn, Marjoram

Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Rose, Tobacco flower, black pepper

Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Benzoin, Oakmoss, Musk

Eau de Parfum


We are at the end of the sixteenth century: right in the middle of the Counter-Reformation period, in a tiny town in southern Piedmont. The power of the Church authorities has reached its peak, having expanded to influence consciences everywhere. Any possible breach of normal behaviour or the set rules is seen in a poor light. A girl of extraordinary beauty is picked upon because of her rebellious temperament, her lack of regard for public opinion and perhaps also because of the envy and fear aroused by her allure. Her soft body, the way she looks at others, her curiosity about the world and her self-assuredness both attract and frighten. The lack of any solid proof against her and all the attempts made by her loved ones to save her are in vain, she has no intention of begging for a pardon she feels she has done nothing to warrant. The purifying stake awaits her and the paradox is that the only person to show her any pity is her executioner, who gives her a substance that knocks her unconscious at the crucial moment. A substance as stupefying as her penetrating, sensual eyes, which dizzily bewitch anyone she looks at. “Some say she is a witch, but she couldn’t care less, what others think doesn’t matter to her, she makes love for fun and she’s not even that keen on it, she doesn’t make any promises and never loses her head. Saturday night she goes to her club, with her best girlfriends, all hungry for love, then, like a real queen she guides them all, tells them who is the most handsome and orders them not to touch him, he’s hers”. Italian niche line Nobile 1942 has launched Malia, a new fragrance inspired by a contemporary concept of the witch. Nobile 1942 envisaged the fragrance of an innocent, modern witch, a woman who seduces with a bright smile, while with a swift glance has you imagining a complex personality, deep, expert and provocative. A woman who pretends to be a child, but who draws strength from the earth to stun her prey. The Italian perfumer Antonio Alessandria choose an unusual flower, with a dual nature: refreshing yet sweet, delicate but inebriating, he dressed it in spices and aromatic plants and given it body with a structure that tells of a feisty female. But he also wanted it to recall that sometimes another person may simply capture us with a look that leaves in our memory the fragrance of a stupefying substance…”

QUANTITY : 75 ml

Eau de Parfum


GENDER : Feminine

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