Mint & Tonic

Mint & Tonic

Eau de Parfum
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Notes Include: Rum SFE, Jasmine petals, Heliotrope, Cocoa bean, Geranium essence, Cedarwood
Patchouli, Madagascar vanilla essence, Helvetolide

Eau de Parfum


For this freshest of new editions we have joyously plundered the tranquility of the English Potager Garden to exalt the herbaceous godsend that is mint, the inspiration for the herbaceous thrill that is Atkinsons Mint &Tonic eau de parfum.

A fiendishly versatile scent of sparkling freshness and pitch perfect mood elevation. Swooshing into life, light as air, like a skateboard carving upon a gentle gradient.

The burst of just crushed mint dissipates into a melodic breeze of floral and herbal-citrus notes.
Luminous mandarin, lime and ginger mingle with the more languid, earthy tones of musk and cedar wood.
A shimmering fragrance of freshness and sensuality that instantaneously stirs the optimism of summer.

QUANTITY : 100 ml

Eau de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Citrus, Aromatic, Green

GENDER : Unisex

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