Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Cardamom, Coriander, Grass oil

Heart Notes: Black Hemlock, Violet, Jasmine absolute

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedar wood, Amber, Sandalwood

Eau de Parfum


Created in 2003 in collaboration with perfumer Geza Schoen, Linda Pilkington adored this scent so much, that she made it Ormonde Jayne’s signature scent for women.
Ormonde Woman is the first perfume to use black hemlock as its main ingredient. The start of Linda’s journey in the search of unique and special essences and the encounter of the Hemlock, an ingredient rarely used in perfumery.
Beginning and ending with the unique scent of black hemlock absolute - rarely used in such luscious quality and quantity - this utterly hypnotic, unconventional and mysterious woody essence is combined with jasmine and violet absolute to create a dusky, seductive perfume. Cedar wood, amber and sandalwood complete this signature scent.

QUANTITY : 50 ml

Eau de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Abstract, Woody

GENDER : Feminine

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