ROJA Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

ROJA Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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Roja Dove’s homage to Saudi Arabia weaves a tale worthy of “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.”
The kingdom’s legendary Ta’if rose is the jeweled centerpiece, its velvety red heart adorned with bright citruses, jammy red berries, tart green apples, and honeyed summer fruits, nestled within a soft green garden composed of violet leaves, herbal artemisia, soft mosses, and a delicate touch of chamomile.
Roja Dove then introduces a brawny masculine oud, its soft smokiness curling against the rose’s feminine sweetness in a seductive display that is accentuated by sensuous jasmine, fragrant spices, fiery saffron, dark leather, smoky cedar, and rich amber. The third part of this fragrance sees the rose-oud romance against a backdrop of gourmand sweetness and smoky darkness, a seamless tableau composed of creamy vanilla, praline benzoin, ambered resins, delectable candy floss, bitter cocoa, dark woods, and rich leather. At last emerges a caramel-amber oud that is as golden, sweet, and inviting. Romantic, complex, sumptuous, and extravagant from start to finish, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a fragrance fit for both a sultan and his queen.

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