ROJA Un Amore Eterno

ROJA Un Amore Eterno

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The Profumi D’Amore collection plays out a harmonious love story of burning passion and romantic tenderness.
Prominent notes of ambergris, cocoa and vanilla, stimulating ginger and lush orris are found at the core of all three, all highly addictive to the senses in the same way as when you meet someone and fall in love with them, you quite literally become addicted to them.
The collection follows the order of a poem and as the proclamations of love become more pronounced and passionate, so do the depth of raw materials, growing richer and more sensual in each creation.

“Be The Flame, Not The Moth” - Giacomo Casanova
This perfume from the Profumi D’Amore collection evokes one of many different chapters of a love story. Un Amore Eterno weaves tales of a love affair that lasts forever (I Will Love You Forever).
Citric brightness is added to a floral blend, enlivened by spices, warmed by woods, softened by vanilla, coffee and cocoa, the whole made powdery through the inclusion of precious orris, with ambergris and musk adding their sensuality.

This fragrance is hand laid with red sapphire crystals and is presented in a red lacquer casket and bedded on white silk Crêpe de Chine.

QUANTITY : 50 ml



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