Scilly Neroli

Scilly Neroli

Eau de Parfum
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Notes Include: Lemon, Petitgrain, Atlantic Spume Accord, Neroli Essence, Orange Flower Absolute
Ambergris Accord & Patchouli

Eau de Parfum


South meets North in this sea-drenched, sunlit floral fragrance of Neroli essence. It is a resolutely Mediterranean fragrance transplanted most beguilingly to the Scilly Isles of the North Atlantic, a lush, misty archipelago, warmed by the currents and breezes of the Gulf Stream. Stupendously solar, optimistic
and bracing, this citrus fragrance is tempered by the mineral mists and crashing sea-spray of Albion.
A fragrance of dazzling contrast that is both tropical and temperate.

QUANTITY : 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


GENDER : Unisex

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