Sensual & Decadent

Sensual & Decadent

Extrait de Parfum
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Top Notes: Lysiana, Rhubarb

Heart Notes: Heliotrope, Labdanum

Base Notes: Oud, Vanilla Infusion, Benzoin

Extrait de Parfum


Such are things that nothing can surpass. Baroque, lush and decadent. Golden stardust rain, gilded halls and broken taboo’s. Gold everything. Remixed with modern glam and timeless sensuality. Let all things decadent dance on your skin, your sensitive skin. Live life every day in the world of the Sensual & Decadent.

QUANTITY : 100 ml

Extrait de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Couldn't tell

GENDER : Couldn't tell

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