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50 ml
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  • Top Notes: Gardenia
  • Heart Notes: Gardenia, Rose
  • Base Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tonka, Vanilla
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‘Sotto la luna’; is Italian for ‘under the moon’. It is a series inspired by white flowers blooming under the moon; Andy’s wonderland of floral explorations.

Says Andy Tauer, “I think Sotto La Luna is a wonderful name for a line of scents and in a sense, it is by itself very inspiring. Sotto La Luna is not a dark night, but a night illuminated by the moon. I see a few clouds, a creamy gardenia shining into the night under an open sky.”

Gardenia, the first fragrance in the line Sotto La Luna is inspired by the imagery of a gardenia blooming under the moon. A soft gardenia, shining but not blazing, a soft and beautiful flower, a harmonious perfume blending into the night. The natural perfume of gardenia is different every day. Its scent is the most beautiful during the night, with notes of fresh spices, of roasted coffee beans, of mushrooms in wet moss, the creamy sweetness of jasmine, narcotic beauty and the gentle perfume of rose buds, with vibrant woods and balsamic sweetness. Thus, the gardenia from Sotto La Luna flowers out with a spicy freshness of gardenia budding under a bright moon. It matures into a round, gentle green floral perfume of gardenia in full bloom, reminiscent of a hundred different flowers. It closes with powdery mossiness of ripe gardenia with a hint of jasmine, and a creamy floral woodiness from a bed of sandalwood, Tonka and vanilla that disappears into the night. It is a gardenia for her and him, all year round.

Gardenia Sotto La Luna comes in an elegantly decorated flaçon packed inside a sliding top tin box.