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  • Top Note: Allspice leaves and berries from Jamaica
  • Heart Note: Vetiver roots from Haiti
  • Base Note: Tobacco leaves from Turkey
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Hoja de Cuba natively translates to “Tobacco leaves” from Spanish is a discovery of a new sensual territory – Cuba; the country that has rhythm under its skin!

This fragrance reveals the singular beauty and the softness of the Cuban tobacco fields thanks to the aromas of its trail, and the sincerity of its anchorage. It highlights the large leaves of tobacco, which are, after being dried, rolled by hand to form the famous Cuban cigars.

Allspice introduces aromas that bring to mind tropical coconut laced with sensual spices developing warm and spicy nuances. Naturally complex, vetiver’s contribution to the fragrance is even richer and clings on for a signature feel that vibrates on the skin. With its wooded and earthy note, it adds an exacerbated sensuality that needs to be tamed. Lighter than the variety from Central America, Turkish tobacco develops warm and honeyed aspects that bring a touch of soft and aromatic elegance to the fragrance.

A scent so captivating, you are transported at once to Cuba’s endless mother-of-pearl coloured beaches.