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100 ml
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  • Top Note: Violets leaves from France
  • Heart Note: Patchouli from Indonesia
  • Base Note: Iris from Italy
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The revival of Maison Berdoues’ Grands Crus Millesimes – Violette, reveals French Violet, rich at its core. The violet is a treasure, all in depth, tenderness and velvety. Millesime Violette is a vibrant homage to the violet flower and the history of Maison Berdoues. This raw material, that is both delicate and fragile, has been inspiring the perfumers of Maison Berdoues since 1902. The green freshness of the French violet leaves brings to surface the warm and glorious summer days. When blended with the earthy and humid note of the patchouli, the scent deepens in body. The Italian iris – its powdered, buttery and woody scent completes the sonata to reveal a fragrance that is a bold and modern expression of an ingredient considered indispensable in the art of French perfumery.