Amber Teutonic


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  • Top Notes: Alpine cedar, Cardamom, green Mandarin
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, European larch, Templin cone
  • Base Notes: Austrian pine, Opoponax, Musk
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Mahler’s hut, perched high above the valley of Alpine fir, horn echoes in the primeval forest. A Nibelungian hoard of precious emerald ambers.
As the companion scent to the Japanese-inspired Amber Kisu, you’d be forgiven for thinking the oh-so-European-named Amber Teutonic would be constructed in the more traditional labdanum-and-vanilla style amber form. However, we’re delighted to report that Teutonic, inspired by the breathtaking old-growth forests of Austria and Germany, turns out to be every bit as creative as its counterpart, envisioning an amber alive with aromatic freshness, bursting with notes of pine, templin (fir) cone, and bright, stout cedarwood. A distinctively bright accord of cardamom and green mandarin adds to the luminous glow, while a rich base of smooth musk and sweet, balsamic opoponax provide a soothingly familiar amber warmth. Escape to a still mythic world of towering ancient trees and magical creatures- Amber Teutonic is an adventure in a bottle.