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  • Top Notes: Distilled Incense, Bergamot, bitter Orange
  • Heart Notes: Dark Cedar, Snake root, Osmanthus
  • Base Notes: Amberwood, Santal, Castoreum
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D.S. & DURGA’s Freetrapper distills a rugged landscape of rivers and tangled trees through sharp citrus and a sweet, warm shadow of cedar.

It evokes the “cowboys of early America” – the free-spirited beaver trappers, traders, and mountain men who roamed the Rockies. Renegade mountaineers cutting trails in the wild and living with the elements when trading in beaver pelts was necessary business, when the beaver (castor canendensis) was hunted for its fur and valuable musk – prized by hatters, doctors, and perfumers.

The scent’s heart note of light, smoky incense encircles the bracing green citrus; like smoke on the horizon with the crush of faded greens underfoot on a trapper’s weary trek homeward. It’s the crisp yet animalic scent of wild dangerous times – of loners, lawbreakers, vagabond merchants crisscrossing dense, aromatic and desolate wilds.