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The 01 series celebrates just one of the scented world’s most used base notes—the sheer, velvety sandalwood-like Iso E Super—and by doing so, puts forth a radically different proposition: building two scents around a single aroma chemical normally just used in small concentrations. It’s never been done before.

Second only to Molecule 01, Escentric 01 boasts the highest concentration of the aroma chemical Iso E Super ever to be used in perfumery at 65%. Geza Schoen wanted to create something unconventional, not too perfumistic, something for his friends who said they didn’t like fragrance.</br>

The elusive yet tenacious tonality of Iso E Super is joined with the sweet piquancy of pink pepper and velvet tartness of lime peel, adding a sparkle to the scent’s radiant woody nature. Orris incense veils the composition with sweet delicate smokiness; its subtle sensuality underscoring the darkness of Iso E Super in one sweeping, dramatic move. Emotional and dazzling.