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The 02 series shares the same relationship as its predecessor, but this time the molecule is ambroxan. Ambroxan is best described by creator Geza Schoen as “fresh with an almost mineral smoothness” which subtly expands to envelop you.

The single note aroma chemical Ambroxan that is present in Molecule 02 is radiant, with a long – lasting dry down. A nature -identical aroma molecule to the prized and forbidden Ambergris, Ambroxan reflects the best-smelling aromatic part of one of the most expensive natural ingredients in the world.

With Molecule 02, all you will smell is a smooth, skin-like fragrance that might as well be our own skin…but it isn’t. You notice a fresh, almost mineral-like edge, but it’s transparent and mild. Molecule 02 is very light yet always present – very pleasant, warm, velvety and delightfully sweet. The term “skin scent” has never been more embodied than in this perfume and it will fascinate perfume lovers for a long time to come.