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The launch of the third pair of scents from Escentric Molecules takes the runaway success story of the niche fragrance world back to its roots – literally. The aroma-chemical this time is vetiveryl acetate, a refined vetiver note which is celebrated for its earthy-smoky facets.

Molecule 03 is constructed around vetiveryl acetate, a refined vetiver note, distilled from the roots of an Indian grass that is ‘crossed’ with acetic acid to remove the bitter and leathery aspects of the root. “Acetylation also brings out the grapefruit touch in vetiver,” says Geza Schoen, “giving it a more pronounced, bitter-fresh top note.”

Molecule 03 opens with a heady, sparkling brightness that transitions into a rooty earthiness. The hallmark, slightly sweet and very green heart of this perennial grass rises to the surface of your skin in compliment. An ultimate yin and yang of cold and hot – a skin scent with a sly sillage.