Extrait De Parfum



50 ml
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  • Top Notes: Bergamot, floral notes, hyrax
  • Heart Notes: Nagarmotha (cypriol) from India, patchouli
  • Base Notes: Grey amber, cedar wood, iris, benzoin
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Based on the saying that excess can never be exaggerated, Jus Interdit toys with the limits of decency, daring to defy propriety by invoking generous proportions of oud, patchouli, cedar and benzoin. Rarely do the delights of exotic Arabian treasures and the sheer beauty of classic French fragrance combine with such luxurious, sensual panache as they do with this extrait de parfum. With the intense pure oud oil and smoky incense intensity of Middle East fragrances wedded to the rose-infused musk and vanilla of a more classically European composition, the results are undeniable – deeply sexy, achingly beautiful, and completely unique. The bergamot and floral notes are overtly solar while the patchouli, cedar wood and benzoin balance the scent with their immense opulence. Powerful but never loud, Jus Interdit is as complex as it is gorgeous.