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  • Top Notes: Clary Sage, Lemon, Green Tangerine
  • Heart Notes: Myrtle, Thyme, Curry Leaves, Everlasting Flower
  • Base Notes: Lentisc, Juniper, Cypress, Cedar Wood
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An ode to the Italian tradition of the Opera, Masque Milano tells an olfactory story with a dynamic repertoire of fragrances that bring to life a myriad of emotions. Each Act, an interpretation of the different facets of life.

ACT I – A collection of experiences, discoveries, places and journeys. Every fragrance in this Act represents a “smellscape”. 

Terralba represents the first scene in Act I of the series, a vivid memory of the places that are most beloved by the founders, Ricardo and Alessandro.
The name of a small town in Sardinia, it vividly translates into – “Terra” means “earth”, and “Alba” means “Dawn”. The inspiration lies in memories of summer vacations in Sardinia. It is a scent for those searching for an immediate Mediterranean escape.
The earthy, rough and almost wild shrub land might seem in stark contrast with the “lightheartedness” of the sea breeze. Yet there is a moment in which the two different sensations are perfectly balanced. At sunrise, the salty and fresh breeze coming from the sea and the deep resinous smells of the thick vegetation would mingle and create the magic smell-scape that is captured with Terralba. The green tangerine and everlasting flower lend a soft sweetness while the sage, myrtle, thyme, and lentisc provide a plush herbal background and deep green woods anchor the composition. Perhaps you will lose yourself between the sun-soaked rocks and the waves as well.