Eau de Parfum

Sandalo Nobile


75 ml
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  • Top Notes: Saffron, Cumin
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Fig, Gurjan Balsam
  • Base Notes: Siam Benzoin, White Sandalwood, Cedarwood
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Breathe in and out. Let your muscles rest and put your mind at ease with a concoction of saffron, cumin and the star of this composition- the sandalwood. Sandalo Nobile makes us one with Mother Nature and empowers us to face a new day with serenity. Spicy yet smooth, robustly textured yet soft-spoken, Sandalo Nobile is a deliciously woodsy treat for the senses. It is a just-stronger-than-skin scent that even the manliest of men could wear with confidence. The scent opens with a rich tapestry of spices, where fiery cumin and mouthwatering saffron open the palate to a buttery iris that seals in the near-gourmand elements just in time for the woods to emerge. And what a blend of woods it is- lightly green fig tree, peppery gurjum, fresh cedar, and the star of the show, a sandalwood both creamy and robust, velvety smooth, and humming with quiet power. It is an everyday sandalwood scent that doesn’t believe that discretion is the opposite of personality!