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Gardénia – the intoxicating symbol of love.

Warm, voluptuous, and heady – this creation delivers unparalleled sensuality.

Gardénia oil is rarely used as a natural material as it offers such a poor yield and is therefore exceptionally expensive. When used as a natural, it is generally obtained from Gardenia Jasminoides. It takes around 3,000 kilos of flowers to produce a kilo of essential oil, which in turn yields approximately 500 grams of absolute.

Roja Parfums candles truly celebrate British craftsmanship.

Each is hand made in England celebrating traditional British artisanal candle-making skills. The scent and the candle wax are blended and poured in England by hand. Many of the oils are scarcely used in perfumery let alone candle-making.

Using the finest quality oils Roja Dove has created a selection of award winning candles. Each features a carefully crafted composition of complex, precious raw materials.

The presentation of each candle matches the quality of the contents within. The golden interior glows when the candle is alight, and each