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Roja Dove created a candle that combines two of the most legendary materials of all – Musk and Aoud. He wanted to see how far it was possible to push the note of aoud from its traditional route, and create something totally unexpected.
Tradition meets the unexpected. Aoud is radically reinterpreted with musk – a legend of the olfactory world.

Master Perfumer Roja Dove has created a collection of reed diffusers that redefine luxury at home.
These scents were created as perfumes – with structure and balance – using the highest quality oils usually reserved for fine fragrance creation.
Each reed diffuser allows you to fashion your environment based on your personal fragrance preferences.
Held captive in a crystal decanter, the precious liquid is absorbed into high-quality reeds obtained from the Raffia Palm.
Invisibly weaving around you, the perfume will fill your home with its silent magic, creating the perfect sensory haven.

Care: The reeds require rotation once a week.
When the reeds have absorbed their final drop of scent, a Roja Parfums reed diffuser refill can be decanted into the crystal flacon.
If the scent is to be changed then the decanter will need to be washed, thoroughly, and very carefully.
Please Note: The decanter needs to be bought separately.