A perfumed love affair - a brand whose foundation is built on the pillars of provenance, craftsmanship, exclusivity and luxury, this is Clive Christian Perfume! Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house celebrating true haute perfumery. It's predecessor, The Crown Perfume Company established in 1872, boasts of the sole right to wear Queen Victoria's crown, an emblem that still adorns every bottle to this day. Revived in the late 1990's by the man himself, Clive Christian brought back the lustre in the fragrances that were great works of art - complex, rich and sophisticated. Clive was inspired by a personal passion to bring together the company's heritage with the modern world and create timelessly elegant scents. These were carefully selected and crafted by experts in perfume with the most rare and precious ingredients to develop and create the world's finest and luxurious fragrances. That is why the range today remains small, carefully edited and utterly personal. It's for life, love - and the sheer pleasure that perfume brings to both..
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