It started off with a scent that permeated the air and a thought that settled in his heart โ€“ a pursuit of leisure that slowly evolved into a concrete vision.

Shishir Mehta founded SCENTIDO as an extension of his decade-long love affair with rare and exclusive scents from niche brands around the world.

His travels around the world took him on a scented trail, from popular and familiar aromas to offbeat, niche olfactory gems tucked away in compact boutique stores. Shishir then began handpicking scents to fuel his own (rather boundless!) collection! He reached out into the world of unknown scents, delved into the history and learned about the sciences. And thanks to a decade of his incessant efforts and insurmountable passion, he steered his attention full-time to create a space where art and elegance come together to become a destination for self-discovery through an experience that truly captures all the senses. The destination known as SCENTIDO Niche Perfumery โ€“ Indiaโ€™s premiere experiential niche fragrance boutique.