Gabriella Chieffo



      It all started when the heart of an Italian mother found its passion for perfumes. Gabriella Chieffo began her journey into the world of artisanal fragrances by infusing her emotional energy into its making. With a penchant for food, she decided to explore a fresh menu - and so, after plenty of discoveries and research, she crafted a spread of artistic perfumes. Each of her creations personified her creative spirit, expressing its unique simplicity with the help of natural ingredients. The covalent bond between art-environment-energy shapes her inner life and pushes her towards new and ever more distant goals. Her artistic perfumes are unique and unparalleled and express the need for the more profound aspects of perception and memory. The same need is also the desire to freeze time, to recall the things that matter. The scream of utter simplicity, together with the use of natural and primordial materials, is a constant and unique stimulus for Gabriella Chieffo to anticipate time.
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