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Eau de Toilette


The genius behind Escentric Molecules’ formula of perfect simplicity is in just how well they select their featured ingredients, and for the 04 series, perfumer Geza Schoen selected Javanol, a cutting-edge synthetic with sandalwood qualities. But unlike the velvety sandalwood of Molecule 01’s Iso E Super, Javanol is intriguingly crisp, with a lively, almost psychedelic freshness beneath the smooth woodiness.

Escentric 04 is a brilliant showcase of Schoen’s signature of turning heavy materials like woods into gauzy, air-bound creations with the thoughtful use of modern synthetics. For Escentric 04, he focuses on Javanol – a powerfully radiant synthetic sandalwood, and Polysantol, which is sweeter and creamier. The result is a uniquely fresh interpretation of the sandalwood fragrance, the perfect summer scent for both, men and women.

Schoen has woven a fizzing pink combination of grapefruit, rose, and pink pepper into the sandalwood, resulting in a light, creamy shimmer of woods that never overpowers. The marijuana note brings out the softer quality of the bitter yet crisp grapefruit pith. The heart is orris with a ‘fresh soft rose’ that Schoen composed of four different rose materials. Hedione and ambroxan add a fresh, salty “whiteness” that illuminates the woods from within. Nothing overdosed or harsh, just a perfect balance between sparkling fruit, roses, salt, flowers, creamy woods, and the spanking freshness of wet laundry. The dry down is balsamic and woody from the Javanol and Polysantol combination.

QUANTITY : Eau de Toilette


OLFACTIVE GROUPS : 30 ml - Travel Case


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