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Extrait De Parfum
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Top Notes: Bergamot, pineapple

Heart Notes: Tuberose, rose, spices

Base Notes: Enigmatic musks

Extrait De Parfum


Hauto, Esperanto for “skin”, is an invitation to experience the fragrance of “skin”.

Opening with an explosion of crisp citrus and juicy pineapple, Hauto wastes no time sliding into its alluring heart notes of carnal tuberose, lush rose petals and just the right amount of spice to add contrast and depth to the florals without crossing over into a flamboyantly oriental territory. Instead, the tuberose holds sway, balancing the floral lushness with enough of the star ingredient's distinct, minty naturalism to maintain the Jeroboam line's uniquely modern style. In the base, perfumer Vanina Muracciole's signature enigmatic musks throb with sensual energy in this extrait de parfum.

QUANTITY : 30 ml

Extrait De Parfum


GENDER : Feminine

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