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Top Notes: Jasmine, Saffron, Bergamot, Artemisia

Heart Notes: Amber wood, White flowers, Geranium

Base Notes: Cedar wood, Patchouli, Sandal wood, Vetiver, Oud incense


A sensual journey into oasis gardens
Liwa is a sensorial journey into a bewitching, miraculous oasis of flowers. A scented story picked from the many rich Arabian tales. It is a delicious and obsessive journey. A journey into the desert is the promise of surprising discoveries. The journey continues to the dazzling oasis gardens of Liwa or perhaps it is simply a mirage.
The sun at its zenith is bright, the surroundings gleaming brilliantly, as if made of white gold. In the distance, among the sand dunes, a streak of green trembles softly in the warm air, unmistakably a mirage. But out of that sun-baked golden ground, the details of the oasis seem to become real.  The first steps under the shade of the palm tree are greeted by a welcome breeze of freshness. This is a place of delightful daydream: The aroma of jasmine makes the heart languish for more before a zesty bergamot made peppery by a dash of freesia strikes the nose. The urge to recline on the bed of geraniums become stronger as the air turns to a caress of white flowers. The miracle garden is further framed by rich exotic herbs and timbers, among which, vetivers grow next to cedar trees and a small forest of sandalwood.
Is it real or is it a trick of the mind?

QUANTITY : 50 ml


OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Fresh, Woody, Chypre

GENDER : Unisex

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