Eau de Parfum
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Top Notes: Apple, Frankincense, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: Incense, Cedar, Myrrh, Amber

Base Notes: Guaiac wood, Vetiver, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood


Eau de Parfum


Malus (or, as the ancient Romans used to write, "Malvs") - the bad, the evil - is the unusual theme of this extraordinary perfume. Behind the illusion of knowing, what we write or read mirrors what we want to be and not what we really are. In one form or another it is in each of us, well hidden as a well-kept secret in the abysses of the soul, in hidden corners of our heart. Many of these hidden truths are sleeping there for a lifetime - but in some cases they will break out.
This spicy oriental scent represents the mask that shields others from uncovering all of one's secrets. As your phantom darkness tangos with your inner light, this fragrance becomes your invisible cloak.

Malus is unleashed by a frankincense-soaked top note of spicy pink pepper, and the apple - the eternal symbol of the forbidden fruit and seduction par excellence. Meanwhile, in the heart of the perfume, a storm of smoky notes, cedar wood, amber and myrrh rages - followed by a dry-down of guaiac and sandalwood, musk, vanilla and vetiver.

QUANTITY : 75 ml

Eau de Parfum

OLFACTIVE GROUPS : Spicy, Oriental

GENDER : Masculine

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