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Extrait De Parfum


Soft yet spicy, sensual yet comforting, Oriento is a blend of modernity & timelessness that perfectly captures the "universal language" at the core of the Jeroboam brand. Perfumer Vanina Muracciole revisits her cocktail of “enigmatic musks” with the famous rose oud accord, which is considered an immense classic in the Middle East.

From the very opening, a harmonious contrast of fresh, tart lemon and deep, redolent saffron identifies Oriento as both dynamic and familiar, a bridge between cultures and styles alike. A rich, luscious rose permeates the heart notes, melding warm resins to sweet florals to set an exotic and sensual stage for the base of musks that the Jeroboam line is built upon. In the case of Oriento, opposites embrace like yin and yang, creating an extrait de parfum as comfortable as it is unforgettable.




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