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Eau de Parfum


Travel to a country that is as delicate as it is majestic. Discover China’s myths and legends. Like a majestic Chinese painting, according to legend, Péng Lái is a paradise lost in time which holds the secret to longevity.
The story is that of Péng Lái, “Flower Mountain” in Chinese, where the goddess of flowers lived. This fragrance encourages dreaming and reveals one of China’s most precious flowers: the osmanthus, which blooms for only 10 days in the entire year.
Sweet and fruity, osmanthus has apricot notes that also bring to mind dried fruit such as prunes. Its scent is described as sensual, subtle and soft.
Voluptuous benzoin blends perfectly with the floral notes of the osmanthus to release a warm, vanilla scent that brings to mind caramel or cocoa butter to give the scent its body and suave notes.
At the soul of this fragrance, tonka bean produces a warm and gourmand aroma with almond accents that brings a natural and singular note.
With this olfactory creation, the perfumers of Maison Berdoues reveal a flowered fragrance, inspired by a floral paradise.




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